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knock on wood

brooklyn designer pat kim knocks it out of the park with these knock knock! rings – made from pure walnut wood and complete with a miniature brass knocker.
because let’s be honest, superstitious inclinations come out of nowhere – regardless of your surroundings… $75

manhattan or brooklyn

Back by popular demand, these Manhattan and Brooklyn maps just became available (after selling out) for pre-order. While I suppose I’m partial to Manhattan – as it’s the place I’ve called home for many years – I love them both equally.

Designed by Jim Datz. Available on Three Potato Four
(one of my FAVORITE online shops)

the anti-bottle

It’s always cool to go green, but lately – I’ve been hearing a lot about Going Blue – specifically because that happens to be the name of my mom, Cathryn Kaye’s new book, co-written with Philippe Cousteau… My mom recently told me about these new water bottles called Vapur which takes a different approach on the refillable/sustainable trend because their flexible design making one able to grab it and “fold-and-go.” A portion of all sales go to water-related environmental causes and the vapur team works directly with local communities to make clean tap water more readily available than ever. Available for sale on the Vapur website for $8.95 in all the colors above plus newly released and my favorite, orange!

united states of cheese

These cheese boards are seriously amazing.
Handmade by etsy seller AHeirloom

{via a cup of joe}

leather strap

as you might remember I received a brand new
amazing camera as a graduation present…
this leather camera strap with gold rivets
from etsy seller hideindustry would be the perfect accessory.

Graduation Gifts

flo for flourescent pearl scatter necklace by kate spade

Canon G11

dom perignon from my uncle and his wife

flowers from my lovely sister…

Here are two pics of the delicious spread of food served before the party started:

photos by fellow graduate lauren darling

Thanks to all my friends and family who came by to par-tay!

postcard garden

Also known as a “postcarden!” I love this idea – a beautiful growing, green gift and greeting card all wrapped up into one. Simply open and pop-up Postcarden’s 3D scene and add the enclosed cress seeds and water. In a matter of days, PostCarden will start to grow and last for two to three weeks. A perfect addition to any desktop or windowsill… {spotted on design milk}

bold face type

i love receiving and sending cards. especially good ones. we are all guilty of taking the easy way out to communicate with friends and loved ones, using email, facebook, texts, to communicate; even about the important things in life like birthdays or holidays. these cards by bold face type, will make you think twice before doing so, because they look great, are incredibly honest and pretty hilarious all at the same time.

things i like

graphite pen

hopscotch rug
glass bubble bank

coffee cup cozy

These are fantastic. Designed by etsy seller wayside violet. Of course the one with the bow is my favorite…

wood postcards

I would be so delighted to receive an eco-friendly wood postcard designed by spitfire girl. Postcards are such a fun thing to send and receive as it is, but I must say the added surprise material really makes it all the more special.

geeky love

have you told the special geek in your life how much you love them lately?

{designed by pop + shorty, spotted on swiss-miss}

tea submarine

This tea sub submerges loose tea to the bottom of the mug for perfect infusion.
This is by far the most clever and fun loose tea contraption I have ever seen.
Such a great idea!

{spotted on swiss-miss}

Canvas Pop

How cool is this!? Use Canvas Pop to print your photos on canvas pro style… From any source, any resolution or size – and customized to your wishes – your photos and digital images become stunning custom art. All you do is upload an image (from your cell phone, digital camera, photoshop, facebook, flickr…) choose your size and customize, and then your canvas art is delivered, ready to inspire. I am definitely giving this a try…


sunny side up placemat
martini olive coasters
alphabet table mat

How fun are these pieces for the table top! They would be great for parties…
{available at Tonky Designs}

saying thanks

Thank you cards are one of those simple gestures that are often over looked. I am a huge fan of these cards designed by Rifle Paper Co. They are oh so festive and very fitting for the holidays…

wine rack and bottle stopper

wine rack
bottle stopper

yes and yes.

desk calendar

Although I can hardly believe it, I am starting to come to terms with the fact that 2010 is literally just around the corner. What this does means is that it’s time to pick up a 2010 calendar. This one is by far the best I’ve seen. Each calendar is custom made – beginning with a monogram and then choosing from a variety of amazing graphic prints for the border. The best part is that each fabulous border design completely covers the back side so at the end of the month your calendar becomes frame worthy wall art… Obsessed. dabney lee at home, $25

monogram options…
graphic print options (for border and back)….

wish list: leica meets hermes

Hello to the lovely Leica M7 “Hermes” Edition Camera…
These will go fast – only 200 camera’s are being made.
Beyond the ridiculous price tag, I must say that this is
the most awesome retro camera on the planet. $14,337

{spotted on the cool hunter}

pick a card

The perfect gift for a foody! The Manhattan Diner’s Deck features 52 restaurants conveniently organized into one deck… Ranging for burgers to haute cuisine, this is the perfect way to discover new places to eat and explore new neighborhoods. Pick a place by cuisine, neighborhood or price. Or be adventerous and select at random. Slip the selected card into your wallet and go to dinner. Present it to your server and get $10 taken off your bill. It’s that simple!
This is the type of gift that will bring fun all year round! Pick a card, discover a restaurant, save money! Other decks include downtown/brooklyn and the bar and lounge deck. $29.95

world’s largest gummy bear

How about this for a funny gimmicky gift? Each bear is equivalent to 1,400 regular sized Gummy Bears. Although I am guessing it would get pretty sticky, this sounds like enough gummy to last for all of 2010! I happen to know some serious Gummy Bears fans that would love this.

amazing and under $100

braden bag, $88
(i really, really love this! the mixed textures are too good!)
corn stalks sweater vest, $42
sepia stone earings, $28
(if I wore earings, i’d wear these…)
kisslock clutch in navy, $46
MacIntosh Dress, $52
Indian Aster Necklace, $38
appaloosa scarf, $38

{all from spool no. 72}

taxi! taxi!

When I saw that it felt like 9 degrees outside as I was leaving my apartment this morning, I can assure you I didn’t think twice about whether or not I would be taking a taxi. These mittens would be a fun addition to the winter wardrobe. Especially if things don’t get warmer around here…

{big apple taxi mittens, $65 at kate spade}

erica weiner jewelry

geode link necklace, $110
liquor tag bracelet, $90
pretzel knot necklace, $30

all handmade by jewelry designer erica weiner
in the lower east side, nyc


I clearly have neck accessories on the mind seeing as this is my second post on the subject today. This is “necklush,” an amazing accessory made of multiple strands of cotton loops that can be worn in many different styles. They are handmade – even down to the hand printed patterns, and many of their fabrics are organic. This is definitely on my holiday wish list… specifically the one pictured above: necklush ultra – natural with dark gray. (hint, hint!) 

senz umbrella

Tis the season for torrential rain and strong wind which for me typically means many wrestling matches, “ariel vs. cheap umbrella,” that end in defeat on the streets of New York City. This morning the rain here was insane which is why I am writing about the Senz Umbrella. The aerodynamic design of the Senz Umbrella cuts through heavy gusts of wind and will not invert! Reviews even say these guys are strong enough for a hurricane….

care for cork

Cork: lightweight, stylish, durable and eco-friendly. In a variety of colors, the natural material is ideal for covering electronic devices. available at matteria shop

{spotted on design milk}

laser cut

I am really digging these hand made laser cut out art pieces. The intricate details are amazing. I bet if mounted on the wall a certain way they would cast pretty brilliant shadows as well.
you are the beez neez laser cut, $65
sans serif typography wood cut out, $60

{spotted on design*sponge}

display or stow away

I need a new place to store my jewelry. Which brings me to this question: display or stow away? I love that a wall hook would allow me to admire my most favorite and coveted pieces even when I am not wearing them, but there is also something so special about opening a jewelry box and seeing your treasures placed perfectly in their compartments.

Thoughts? Which do you prefer?

Filigree Jewelry Hook
Etched Mirror-Leaf Jewelry Box

stylish tea lights

These antiqued mercury glass bottles are actually recycled beer bottles transformed & restyled! Inside is a metal cup tea light holder & the bottle is topped with an iron wire loop for hanging. I love this look. ($26)

everybody needs art

20×200 is a project created by Jen Bekman based on the realization
that there are a lot of people who want to buy art and a lot of people
making art, they just have a hard time finding each other.
She realized this fantastic formula:
(limited editions x low price) + the internet = art for everyone.
Two limited editions pieces are introduced each week and are available in
different sizes, prices, and edition count – starting at $20. I love that artists
have an opportunity to explain their method and style, giving potential
buyers real insight into their creative process. This is a site worth checking out…
28 Camera Drawings by Christine BerrieUntitled #17 by Matthew Tischler
Untitled (Astoria Park, Queens, New York) by Carlo Van de Roer

decorative veggies

These veggie candles would make excellent centerpieces. I haven’t decided if my favorite is the pea pod or the bunch of asparagus.
{available for purchase at ginger rose}

to do list

I don’t know about you, but I am a compulsive list maker. It’s not that I am always so worried I will forget about the things I have to do, but there is something so rewarding in the act of making a list and then checking everything off that leaves me all warm and productive feeling inside! I love the idea for this journal, Listography: My Life In Lists by Lisa Nola, it is basically a guided journal that allows you to create a unique autobiography entirely in list form. There is room for to-do lists, wish lists, top ten lists, life lists and more…
{spotted on lake jane}

gift ideas: under $25

I plan on doing many more of these throughout the next few weeks!

squirrel nutcracker ($21.95); preening pen ($20); mermaid bottle opener ($14.95); set of two apothecary jars ($20); bird wind chime ($12 each); churchill hip small flask ($25); monogrammed mirror coasters ($12); light my fire matches ($7); silhouette votive ($15); eyelet bowl ($24); sailor soap dish ($7.95)

hanukkah lights

Today I received two “Happy Early Hanukkah” emails and was inspired to look around for some cool and unique menorahs – along the way I found a funky dreidel.

top to bottom
utopia man/woman menorah
mod dot dreidel
skyline menorah

socks with what?!

Lots of mustaches! These go in my “list” of gift guide ideas for him, but I want a pair for me!
Fred Flare, $10

hold the phone

While I can’t complain about the convenience of having a phone that fits in my pocket, every once in a while I do get a bit nostalgic and wish I could pick up a classic handset, nuzzle it comfortably between my ear and shoulder and catch up with one of my friends for hours. I have seen other versions before, but these are by far the cutest. Designed by YUBZ the retro handset has adapters for both mobile phones and computers (which would make Skyping all the more fun). $39.95

{spotted on the cool hunter}

best scent

Right now I have Thymes’ Tamarind Lychee candle lit next to me as I do some work in preparation for the week… It smells so lovely.

Today these are my favorite candles…
Tyler Candle Company, Paris
Thymes, Indigenous Tamarind Lychee
Juara, Hope Candle
Miller Harris, Fleur Oriental

I am always looking for new favorites! What are yours?

red eye wish list

Tonight I fly from Los Angeles back to New York City…
These items would make the trip much more cozy:

neck pillow

eye mask
Johnston Cashmere Throw

city print

I forgot how much I love these Ork City Neighborhood Posters until I came home and saw the Los Angeles one hanging on the wall of my parent’s house. Each city (and there are many more then the ones above…) comes in poster or screen print version and a few different colors. Every time I look at ours I notice a new neighborhood! ($22-$27)