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bold face type

i love receiving and sending cards. especially good ones. we are all guilty of taking the easy way out to communicate with friends and loved ones, using email, facebook, texts, to communicate; even about the important things in life like birthdays or holidays. these cards by bold face type, will make you think twice before doing so, because they look great, are incredibly honest and pretty hilarious all at the same time.

happy clover and guinness day

I have had some pretty memorable St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 5 years ago I spent the holiday in Dublin where I learned that they had only been celebrating in a debaucherous way (like the Americans) with parades and what not for the past 10 years. Who knew?! Two years ago one of my best friends came to visit and we went wild and crazy with Irish car bombs and green beer. Today, (if I wasn’t busy working) my ideal St. Patrick’s Day would be all about fun crafts, holiday inspired baking, and maybe a Guinness or two…

{images via martha stewart}

lovely things

As we approach Valentine’s day weekend, I thought I’d share some “love-ly” inspired images that have caught my eye this past week.

Heart flagspersonal pot pies, scrabble pillows, beautiful cupcakes, button heart picture

wood postcards

I would be so delighted to receive an eco-friendly wood postcard designed by spitfire girl. Postcards are such a fun thing to send and receive as it is, but I must say the added surprise material really makes it all the more special.

geeky love

have you told the special geek in your life how much you love them lately?

{designed by pop + shorty, spotted on swiss-miss}

goodbye two thousand nine

Hope everyone has a great and safe celebration tonight! I am heading to palm springs to ring in two thousand ten. See you all next year!

party time

Tonight is my family’s annual holiday party. These are some of my favorite hosting accessories as of late…

Hors D’oevres Pics
Large Tray
Rope Pitcher and Tray
Shot Glasses
Odd Number Plates
Bone Pitcher

merry christmas!

Hope everyone has a merry, merry christmas!

{image via style redux}

DIY picture frame ornament

My friend hosts a ladies craft night once a month and at our last meet-up we all made these adorable picture frame ornaments out of a soda can… I have since gifted these to some of my friends and they have been a big hit.
Check out the step by step instructions below to make yourself one!

Grab any ol’ empty soda can and rinse it out…
carefully cut off top
cut slits down the can leaving quarter inch strips
spread quarter inch strips out (again be careful! edges are sharp!)
bend each strip over the two (or three) strips to the right…
continue folding strips over…
until you have folded over all the strips.
tuck the last strip into one of the folded flaps.
pick a photo and cut it to size
put a bit of scotch tape on the back side and voila! a cute picture frame!

saying thanks

Thank you cards are one of those simple gestures that are often over looked. I am a huge fan of these cards designed by Rifle Paper Co. They are oh so festive and very fitting for the holidays…

scrap wood wreath

I love this simple DIY wreath made out of scrap wood. Just goes to show you what a little creativity can do. Those pieces of wood would have been destined for the trash and now they have become a wonderful addition to the mantle. Earthy, industrial, and fantastic.

{more information on rock scissors paper, spotted on design sponge}


I clearly have neck accessories on the mind seeing as this is my second post on the subject today. This is “necklush,” an amazing accessory made of multiple strands of cotton loops that can be worn in many different styles. They are handmade – even down to the hand printed patterns, and many of their fabrics are organic. This is definitely on my holiday wish list… specifically the one pictured above: necklush ultra – natural with dark gray. (hint, hint!) 

happy birthday

to eliz who is all the way in italy! hope today is absolutely wonderful.
{image via martha stewart}

with a bow on top

Kate Spade’s Fiona ballet slippers are festive and lovely. How irresistible is that bow? $95

{sold out on the kate spade website, so call a store for purchasing information or check out the other color options available on zappos}


Have you ever seen a more fun and festive set of pinata’s, party hats, or banners?

designed by brooklyn duo CONFETTISYSTEM

for the tree

I was going to hold off on doing an ornament post until closer to christmas time but since now’s the time to decorate that tree I figure why bother waiting. These are a few of my most favorite ornaments that I have spotted recently…

top to bottom:
handmade single spruce ornament
pirate ship
hand painted porcelain winter ornament
pop giraffe ornament
vintage mercury bulb ornaments
hand painted hearts

gift ideas: under $25

I plan on doing many more of these throughout the next few weeks!

squirrel nutcracker ($21.95); preening pen ($20); mermaid bottle opener ($14.95); set of two apothecary jars ($20); bird wind chime ($12 each); churchill hip small flask ($25); monogrammed mirror coasters ($12); light my fire matches ($7); silhouette votive ($15); eyelet bowl ($24); sailor soap dish ($7.95)

hanukkah lights

Today I received two “Happy Early Hanukkah” emails and was inspired to look around for some cool and unique menorahs – along the way I found a funky dreidel.

top to bottom
utopia man/woman menorah
mod dot dreidel
skyline menorah

happy thanksgiving

Hope you all have an absolutely delightful and delicious holiday…

{images via martha stewart}

gift idea: custom signs

This is one of my favorite gift ideas I’ve seen all season. Three Potato Four has partnered with an accomplished painter to create custom metal signs. Each sign is hand painted on white aluminum and then distressed to give it that always desired “vintage” look. All you have to do is provide the name you want on the sign and then pick the type of shop – Cupcakes, Sno Cones, Go Carts, Hoagies, Surf Shop or Dry Goods. Then, select the color you’d like the name painted – choices are emerald green, blue, red and orange. After that, count down to delivery!

I’m thinking Ariel’s Surf Shop would go well with my on going collection of mermaid trinkets and beach themed art.

diamonds with a conscience

Diamonds are a girls best friend. Yet as we all know, a majority of diamond mining is connected to corruption. I recently came across MiaDonna – a conflict-free alternative diamond simulant that mimics the structure and beauty, AND looks identical to any fine diamond. This hybrid is sold for three precent of the cost in comparison to those mined from the earth without any compromise to quality. MiaDonna uses recycled gold and platinum for settings – an environmentally conscious decision – and works in collaboration with the philanthropy The Greener Diamond, a project that establishes a sustainable food source for the community previously afflicted by mining conflict diamonds and trains these individuals in a new trade. So ladies – if your hoping for diamonds for the holiday, you’ll get more bang for your buck with MiaDonna and give back to society all at the same time.

party pieces

Accessories from Kate Spade, perfect for the holiday soiree season.


How cool are these Eternal Helium Balloons? They are not actually filled with helium, but made from fabric and stuffed with a pillow like material. A flap is located at the top of the balloon for hanging from the ceiling and the higher they are, the more successful the illusion of a floating helium balloon becomes…
{spotted on swiss-miss}

clutch crush

club_monaco_clutchThis is the type of accessory that gives any outfit the wow factor.
Grab yours at Club Monaco.

smitten sticks

these are awesome. smitten sticksSmitten Sticks by Vana Chupp of Le Papier Studio.
{spotted on Lake Jane}

DIY: book page wreath

book wreath wall favorite
While I enjoy holiday decor, I adore non-traditional holiday decor, like these wreaths made from book pages. I am so impressed by the ruffled texture and am obsessed with the vintage feel… And literature lovers fear not – most of these wreaths were made using mass market fiction or found materials. Step by step instructions can be found at Living with Lindsay

{spotted on apartment therapy}

for a laugh

giant wine glassHow funny is this! A giant wine glass that holds an entire bottle of wine ($12.99). The perfect gift for the wine drinker in your life that seems to sip a little bit faster than the rest…
{spotted on Jezebel via Kotula’s}

turkey and gravy

thanksgiving is quickly approaching…
turkey carverI love this 1950’s faux antler carving set…
gravy and this vintage silver plated gravy boat with greek key tray…

trick or treat

Halloween this year was a blast!
We started the afternoon with a delicious brunch at Essex’s
jason and ariel at essex

Since we couldn’t find any large pumpkins to carve last minute, Jason
(mr. bacon) carved a watermelon. Actually turned out quite good! I carved some little ones…

halloween watermelon
mini pumpkinsThen we baked pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheese cake and watched some
scary movies. Perfection!
pumpkin pieHope you all had a lovely time too!

happy halloween!

bacon and egg 1Hope you have a spooky Halloween!!
This dynamic breakfast duo will be sizzlin’ all over Manhattan!

egg leaning on bacon
silly  bacon and egg
bacon and egg kissboo!
with love…