she hit pause

girl with airplaneBrooklyn based photographer Matt Schwartz is the mastermind behind the ethereal prints of she hit pause. studios. The dreamy scenes will instantly transport you to an unexpected world of beauty, glamour, sexual fantasy and aesthetic gratification – a curious throwback to a time when even a tiny bit of female skin could set a boy’s heart racing. Shooting in large format Polaroid, Matt’s prints are pulled apart and the film negative is rubbed onto watercolor paper to create a transfer. The result is an arresting image that appears to be a synthesis of an old photograph and a painting combined. This contemporary technique results in images that are timeless: memories held on to forever.Picture 5legs by the fireplace

I first saw Matt’s work at the DUMBO Flea Market last summer, and the only reason I haven’t purchased a print yet, is because I can’t decide which one to get! I simply love them all…


2 responses to “she hit pause

  1. Lauren Applebaum

    I have had two of these prints framed on my bedroom wall for over 3 years–the roller skates and the typewriter–but had never met the artist. One day this past summer I was walking through a street fair on the Upper West Side and encountered Matt’s stand. He was so nice–he gave me another print–the one of the girl with the airplane. I love the nostalgic feel of his work.

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