DIY: Luxe Snow Globes

Snow globes remind me of my sister – she had a collection of hundreds when we were growing up. They are also wonderful for the holiday season. This simple project is easy to do and would be great decoration around the house to stir up some holiday cheer!

You will need:
All can be found at a craft store.
*A jar of your choice (with a lid)
*Figurines or jewellery
*Anti-rust sealant for metal pieces
*Clear-drying epoxy
*Distilled water
*Dash of glycerin
*Large silver or white glitter (smaller versions will float at the top)
1. Use clear-drying epoxy to adhere your piece to the inside of the lid. Let dry per  instructions.
2. After the epoxy dries completely, fill your jar with distilled or boiled water (at room temperature, of course).
3. Add just a dash of glycerin so the “snow” falls slowly.
4. Add as much glitter as you like. If you don’t like the look of glitter, you can usually find faux snow at craft stores.
5. Screw your lid on tightly and enjoy your snow globe!

{spotted on well worn}


2 responses to “DIY: Luxe Snow Globes

  1. LOVE the shout out. what was with my snowglobe fetish? these are way cooler than my extensive collection. this sounds like a great holiday party diy activity…

  2. I LOVE these also — and you just liked snowglobes Devora! So I would bring them back to you from trips … I ahev been in homes where they are just scattered all over a house and they loo great — especially in bathrooms!

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