DIY: Painted Bottles

I saw this great DIY project on apartment therapy that takes every day bottles and makes them fantastic and display worthy (or as I’d like to say “wow-worthy”)… The cost is minimal – some bottles and paint, and the result is extraordinary. Isn’t that what DIY is all about! Simple instructions via poppytalk:

1) After finding some bottles with great shape and detail, remove the labels, clean the inside and let them dry out completely

2) Next, pour a good size dollop of paint into the bottom of the bottle. The color options here are endless. This set is monochromatic, but a few bold contrasting pieces would be quite nice as well.

3) With the paint in the bottle, you will have to slowly rotate the bottle to get the paint to coat the entire interior of the bottle. Depending on the opacity of the paint, this might require two coats. (Acrylic paint will work for this as it will adhere to the glass, but note that you shouldn’t fill the bottle with water later.

4) Let it dry thoroughly and you are all set.

Update: check out one of my favorite bloggers Jamie from I Suwannee. She spotted this project and got right to work – the result is fantastic:


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