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new art

It’s been a long time since I’ve dug around on Etsy. Partially because I’ve been busy, but mainly because I always fall in love with so many wonderful things and have a seriously hard time escaping with an empty cart…
…and so, voilĂ  – today’s purchase: an antler drawing and flower photograph
{by Etsy seller kariherer}

Praia Piquinia

I absolutely adore this photograph. So much so that I have considered purchasing it on a daily basis for the past few weeks… I think that means it’s time to take the plunge and make it mine…

A message from the artist, Christian Chaize:
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust

Five years ago, Portugal did present itself as a new landscape in my life – both literally and metaphorically. Since then, I have photographed exclusively along a very small stretch of its southern coastline. Returning to this specific place, I’ve sought out its nuances. In doing so, I have peeled back layers of how I see, and how I experience this magical environment.

For purchase here on one of my most favorite websites, 20×200.

double take

a few images that made me look twice.





sweet. always one of my favorite playground activities…

{spotted via holleratme}


A friend showed me this series of photographs called Persona, by Jason Travis. These wonderfully voyeuristic portraits of Atlanta locals are shown above the contents from their bags, totes, backpacks and/or clutches to determine “what they deem important in their lives.” See more here.

faux food art

Look closely – these plates of food are not what they seem. I’ll give you a hint… I spy balloons and mini basketballs. These beauties by David Sykes are for sale.

book sculptures

I like the look of these photographs of book sculptures by Paul Octavious.
Fun stuff.