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At some point when we were quite young, my sister learned how to make incredible pop-up cards. I’m talkin’ jaw-dropping-wow-worthy-cool AND designed by a small child so everyone was always impressed. I soon realized there was no point in trying to compete with this talent, so my sister became the designated card maker of the family, and if I was lucky – she would let me add my signature…

Pop-Up NYC, a pop-up book of New York icons reminded me of these fond childhood memories – construction paper sprawled across the floor and scissors in hard. This book visualize the icons from top view, and from the side it represents an urban landscape.

quote of the day

{spotted on pink wallpaper}

obsessive consumption

I have always been fascinated with consumerism and the relationship people have with objects and things. There is a lot to be said in regards to how our society facilitates an innate desire to buy things – all. the. time. I am intrigued by the idea of this book and from the inside sneak peak inside it certainly looks entertaining…  Here’s a bit of the review: “Our lives are filled with consumption—$1.50 for a cup of coffee, $5.95 for a magazine, $17.99 for headphones, $1.79 for cough drops. Whether bought out of necessity or indulgence, everything we buy has its own story to tell. We buy art supplies while feeling inspired, and a new pair of jeans to give us a lift when we are feeling blue. Yet, these powerfully emotional experiences can be fleeting—quickly erased by the pull of the next ‘must-have’ acquisition. In Obsessive Consumption, Portland-based artist Kate Bingaman-Burt holds up a mirror to her own obsession with shopping and acquisition. Faced with a mounting pile of postgraduation credit card debt, Bingaman-Burt concocted a unique artistic response. She picked up a pen and began drawing her monthly credit card statements.”

book sculptures

I like the look of these photographs of book sculptures by Paul Octavious.
Fun stuff.

little people big city

this is one of my favorite books on my book shelf to revisit time and time again. artist Slinkachu creates scenes on the street with hand-painted figurines and leaves them behind in the bustling city to “fend for themselves.” even though they are just little figurines, you can’t help but feel their plights and fears. these remarkable images convey something tangible that anyone who has ever felt vulnerable in a big city can relate to… buy the book here, Slinkachu’s blog here – frequently updated with new images from his travels – and website here

living bookends

so maybe fish aren’t the best choice for these glass “halve bookends” as they deserve a bit more room to swim… although buttons, a match box collection, corks, wild rice or even colored water would look fantastic on a bookshelf (and wouldn’t require being fed…)

{spotted via inspire me now}

stack ’em up

while I adore books shelves, there is something excellent about a deliberate stack.
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