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spring fever

There’s nothing like warm weather and sunshine to get me jonesin’ for a wardrobe re-haul.. without fail, this happens every spring.
{naia heels, woven boho bag, obelisk necklace}

weekend win

to say that I am a little obsessed with my new shoes I picked up at zara this weekend would be an understatement… love. love. love.

{photo credit}

knock on wood

brooklyn designer pat kim knocks it out of the park with these knock knock! rings – made from pure walnut wood and complete with a miniature brass knocker.
because let’s be honest, superstitious inclinations come out of nowhere – regardless of your surroundings… $75

love veils

It gives me great pleasure to post wonderful things on my blog always – but there is something extra special about posting something fabulous designed by talented people I know. These gorgeous handmade veils and accessories are designed by Hannah Berkowitz (who spent a summer living in my apartment in New York City) and Cori Middlebrooks. These ladies believe in an overall look of understated elegance achieved by combining traditional and unexpected materials. I think they have succeeded at doing just that.
Check out their website  Love Veils & Accessories

trench envy

As far as I’m concerned, Burberry has forever held reign over the world of trench coats. While I have always wanted to indulge in this timeless fashion staple for my wardrobe I’ve never taken the financial plunge… Upon finding out one could order Burberry’s¬† spring/summer 2011 collection practically straight off the runway until 9/28 I decided to take a peak… and wow, holy embellishments. These trench’s are phenomenal. And if I had an extra $4,000 – $8,000 around, I would absolutely get one.

See the following on the Burberry website:
bonded cotton twill leather taped trench coat: $3,995
bonded napa studded biker trench coat: $7,995
studded sleeve bonded twill trench coat: $4,495

I hate to brag…

…but I scored BIG TIME yesterday at this little consignment shop in the east village… I am in loooove with these two beautiful shoes, perfect for fall.


A friend of mine gave me a heads up about a graphic designer in brooklyn who has recently started a t-shirt/print line called 200pt – an ode to the font size. His first collection is called “the new romantics,” and I am definitely a fan. Currently they are selling these original art prints, but check back soon for these designs to be available on t’s.