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bold face type

i love receiving and sending cards. especially good ones. we are all guilty of taking the easy way out to communicate with friends and loved ones, using email, facebook, texts, to communicate; even about the important things in life like birthdays or holidays. these cards by bold face type, will make you think twice before doing so, because they look great, are incredibly honest and pretty hilarious all at the same time.

happy clover and guinness day

I have had some pretty memorable St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 5 years ago I spent the holiday in Dublin where I learned that they had only been celebrating in a debaucherous way (like the Americans) with parades and what not for the past 10 years. Who knew?! Two years ago one of my best friends came to visit and we went wild and crazy with Irish car bombs and green beer. Today, (if I wasn’t busy working) my ideal St. Patrick’s Day would be all about fun crafts, holiday inspired baking, and maybe a Guinness or two…

{images via martha stewart}

lovely things

As we approach Valentine’s day weekend, I thought I’d share some “love-ly” inspired images that have caught my eye this past week.

Heart flagspersonal pot pies, scrabble pillows, beautiful cupcakes, button heart picture

wood postcards

I would be so delighted to receive an eco-friendly wood postcard designed by spitfire girl. Postcards are such a fun thing to send and receive as it is, but I must say the added surprise material really makes it all the more special.

geeky love

have you told the special geek in your life how much you love them lately?

{designed by pop + shorty, spotted on swiss-miss}

goodbye two thousand nine

Hope everyone has a great and safe celebration tonight! I am heading to palm springs to ring in two thousand ten. See you all next year!

party time

Tonight is my family’s annual holiday party. These are some of my favorite hosting accessories as of late…

Hors D’oevres Pics
Large Tray
Rope Pitcher and Tray
Shot Glasses
Odd Number Plates
Bone Pitcher