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the anti-bottle

It’s always cool to go green, but lately – I’ve been hearing a lot about Going Blue – specifically because that happens to be the name of my mom, Cathryn Kaye’s new book, co-written with Philippe Cousteau… My mom recently told me about these new water bottles called Vapur which takes a different approach on the refillable/sustainable trend because their flexible design making one able to grab it and “fold-and-go.” A portion of all sales go to water-related environmental causes and the vapur team works directly with local communities to make clean tap water more readily available than ever. Available for sale on the Vapur website for $8.95 in all the colors above plus newly released and my favorite, orange!

travel bar

a cool vintage suitcase?

or a cool vintage suitcase that doubles as a vintage travel bar!
The case includes four metal cups, 2 metal shot glasses,
bottle and can opener and a stir stick.

for sale over at etsy store lucyandellen

bike saddle

While I don’t ride a bike around NYC – I sorta wish I did. And if I did, I would definitely want one of these saddles by designer Kara Ginther. They are incredible. So cool.
{spotted on design milk}

must have: items for your desk

wood block perpetual calendar, paper trail $35

colorful pens, jonathan adler, $18

woodcut floral file folders, oh joy! set of 8 for $20

tumbleweed: tiny house company

This home is 89 square feet. Total. The Tumbleweed home was designed by Jay Shafer who since 1997 has been living in houses smaller than some people’s closets. His decision to inhabit just 89 square feet arose from some concerns about the impact a larger house would have on the environment. Jay Shafer’s homes fulfill basic domestic needs without demanding much in return. The Tumbleweed home DIY is $19,950, ready made costs $45,997. Check out the Tumbleweed website to see more varieties – some with 2 bedrooms – and see where the Tumbleweed home tour is heading next for a chance to visit and see what it would be like to live in such a small space yourself!

Doggy Mustache

You know how some people buy baby clothes before having a baby? Yeah, that’s not me. However, I’m very tempted to buy the Humunga Stache Dog Toy for my future dog…. cutest dog toy ever.

santa monica flea market

One of the highlights of my two week trip to Los Angeles was waking up early on a Sunday morning and spending a few hours with a good friend meandering through the flea market at the Santa Monica Airport. There were so many lovely treasures for sale – I had to constantly remind myself that I would have to make room for anything purchased in my suitcase…