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the anti-bottle

It’s always cool to go green, but lately – I’ve been hearing a lot about Going Blue – specifically because that happens to be the name of my mom, Cathryn Kaye’s new book, co-written with Philippe Cousteau… My mom recently told me about these new water bottles called Vapur which takes a different approach on the refillable/sustainable trend because their flexible design making one able to grab it and “fold-and-go.” A portion of all sales go to water-related environmental causes and the vapur team works directly with local communities to make clean tap water more readily available than ever. Available for sale on the Vapur website for $8.95 in all the colors above plus newly released and my favorite, orange!

long live diversity

How cool are these Ikea advertisements? What an amazing visualization of their array of products. such a fantastic idea.
{spotted on abduzeedo}

help us get cleaned up

The HELP US GET CLEANED UP project was created to raise money for the animals, fish and birds affected by the Gulf Oil Spill. By purchasing one of the 100% Organic bamboo totes you will be contributing to the Ocean Futures Society to help in their quest to clean up the damage done in the Gulf. These bags are great looking and help support a truly amazing cause. Available for pre-order now. Click here to buy…

From the Help Us Get Cleaned Up website:
The ongoing Gulf Oil Spill of April 2010 is possibly the largest oil spill in world history.  It is contributing to the devastation of our planet in ways not yet known.  These are long term affects, which in most cases will become permanent.  Sea turtles and birds which were formally listed as endangered are now dead or dying by the thousands, with the Brown Pelican being among the most vulnerable.  Many more animals such as dolphins, sea rays, sharks, tuna, shrimp, oysters and other shellfish are in grave danger.  As an individual you can contribute to saving many of these animals by purchasing this eco-friendly tote.  This is their planet too and we need to do all we can to responsibly share our precious ecosystem.  All creatures, great and small, deserve a chance to thrive.  Buy one for a friend…please.

infographic food map

File this under coolest thing I have seen in a long time! a beautiful graphic map of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens – divided into microregions by FOOD!! Created by Very Small Array I can’t get enough of this interesting approach to showcase diversity.

kitschy usb drives

Spotted an amazing collection of 25 super fun USB drives on Design*Sponge and just had to share. My favorite is  definitely the above stick usb drive, but I think I am partial to anything with an au natural wood appearance… remember this laptop skin? I am also a big fan of the below watermelon drive as watermelon is one of my favorite foods.

lego drive

watermelon drive

and for nostalgia sake.. a good ol customizable mix tape drive

leather strap

as you might remember I received a brand new
amazing camera as a graduation present…
this leather camera strap with gold rivets
from etsy seller hideindustry would be the perfect accessory.

creativity is connecting

some words of wisdom…

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