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puerto rico memories

I returned late last night from an incredible four day vacation with my sister in San Juan, Puerto Rico – which explains the lack of activity here on second story view… In four days we relaxed, napped on the beach, ate delicious food, drank rum cocktails and fresh fruit smoothies, made new friends, meandered through the streets of old San Juan, salsa danced, took part in the festivities of local night life area La Placita, enjoyed the absolutely perfect weather, hiked in the rain forest, and spent quality time with each other! While it is always lovely to return to New York City – this was one of those vacations that was especially sad to see end…One thing is for certain – this isn’t the last Puerto Rico has seen of us!

au revoir

I am leaving for puerto rico at 5am tomorrow for a much
needed long weekend vacation. wahoo!
I’ve got my camera and flip cam packed and ready to go
so expect some pics and updates along the way.

bon voyage (almost)

I can barely contain my excitement! This Thursday at 7:00am I will be on an airplane heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico for a getaway with my sister. It’s been a long, cold few months in New York City and to be quite honest I can not remember ever being more excited to be skipping town for four relaxing days of fun in the sun. With that said – this will be my first visit and so if any of you folks have any recommendations PLEASE leave them in the comments. I would be oh so appreciative!
{image via cafe press}

visa stamps

I am always so excited to get a new visa stamp when I travel. I remember when backpacking in Europe eight years ago (wow, cant believe how long its been…) my friends and I would go out of our way to make sure we got stamps when on the eurorail since they don’t always come around and stamp. I love the varieties of looks and colors and memories that become attached to seeing a country’s mark on your passport. These images of international landmarks (and the beatles..) really make me smile.

{spotted via inspire me now}

under (or over) the sea

where would you rather sleep: under the sea or floating on top?

world’s most beautiful subway stations

Moscow: Kievskaya Station
Washington DC: Metro Center
Paris: Arts et Metiers Station
Stockholm: T-Centralen Station
NYC: City Hall

I so enjoyed reading this article on Travel + Leisure documenting the world’s most beautiful subway stations. I ride the subway every day in New York and have had a chance to use underground transportation in a few other cities around the world. I truly enjoy the different¬†architecture seen from station to station… See more stations here.

i love paris

paris is one of my favorite cities in the world and I feel so lucky that I have been able to visit this great place four times. these pictures make me wanna go back. now.

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