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cheap and chic

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these modernist bowls by West Elm. I am a huge fan of mismatched dinnerware, but it can be quite pricey to get this look quite this right. Fear not, these are just $8 a pop, which mean the time might be right to get this collection started…

circa ceramics

Yesterday I spent the evening at International Center of Photography (before seeing Billy Elliott on Broadway). Yep, things get pretty fun when my parents come to visit, even when buried under 20 inches of snow. I always make time to peruse museum gift shops – the books, trinkets, totes, magnets, post cards – I always want them all. The ICP had a wonderful display of cups and mugs with the camera graphic (see top right) that caught my eye. I made note in my things to blog about notebook and when checking out circa ceramics today I was thrilled to see there are a variety of lovely images on these made to order mugs and bowls. Check out their etsy store here.

wood and lacquer

I love the simplicity and the beautiful use of color on these wood chopsticks, plates, and cups.
I really love the chopsticks. They are by far the most lovely I have seen.

{designed by HanaBlomst}