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knock on wood

brooklyn designer pat kim knocks it out of the park with these knock knock! rings – made from pure walnut wood and complete with a miniature brass knocker.
because let’s be honest, superstitious inclinations come out of nowhere – regardless of your surroundings… $75

bold face type

i love receiving and sending cards. especially good ones. we are all guilty of taking the easy way out to communicate with friends and loved ones, using email, facebook, texts, to communicate; even about the important things in life like birthdays or holidays. these cards by bold face type, will make you think twice before doing so, because they look great, are incredibly honest and pretty hilarious all at the same time.

lovely things

As we approach Valentine’s day weekend, I thought I’d share some “love-ly” inspired images that have caught my eye this past week.

Heart flagspersonal pot pies, scrabble pillows, beautiful cupcakes, button heart picture

things i like

graphite pen

hopscotch rug
glass bubble bank


sunny side up placemat
martini olive coasters
alphabet table mat

How fun are these pieces for the table top! They would be great for parties…
{available at Tonky Designs}

things i like…

I would love a bunch of these vintage arrows to stick in a nice glass floor vase
This cut chandelier strand would add such subtle elegance to any white wall
tri-dimensional clouds add fantasy to any room

saying thanks

Thank you cards are one of those simple gestures that are often over looked. I am a huge fan of these cards designed by Rifle Paper Co. They are oh so festive and very fitting for the holidays…