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knock on wood

brooklyn designer pat kim knocks it out of the park with these knock knock! rings – made from pure walnut wood and complete with a miniature brass knocker.
because let’s be honest, superstitious inclinations come out of nowhere – regardless of your surroundings… $75

manhattan or brooklyn

Back by popular demand, these Manhattan and Brooklyn maps just became available (after selling out) for pre-order. While I suppose I’m partial to Manhattan – as it’s the place I’ve called home for many years – I love them both equally.

Designed by Jim Datz. Available on Three Potato Four
(one of my FAVORITE online shops)

bold face type

i love receiving and sending cards. especially good ones. we are all guilty of taking the easy way out to communicate with friends and loved ones, using email, facebook, texts, to communicate; even about the important things in life like birthdays or holidays. these cards by bold face type, will make you think twice before doing so, because they look great, are incredibly honest and pretty hilarious all at the same time.

happy clover and guinness day

I have had some pretty memorable St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 5 years ago I spent the holiday in Dublin where I learned that they had only been celebrating in a debaucherous way (like the Americans) with parades and what not for the past 10 years. Who knew?! Two years ago one of my best friends came to visit and we went wild and crazy with Irish car bombs and green beer. Today, (if I wasn’t busy working) my ideal St. Patrick’s Day would be all about fun crafts, holiday inspired baking, and maybe a Guinness or two…

{images via martha stewart}

wood postcards

I would be so delighted to receive an eco-friendly wood postcard designed by spitfire girl. Postcards are such a fun thing to send and receive as it is, but I must say the added surprise material really makes it all the more special.

party time

Tonight is my family’s annual holiday party. These are some of my favorite hosting accessories as of late…

Hors D’oevres Pics
Large Tray
Rope Pitcher and Tray
Shot Glasses
Odd Number Plates
Bone Pitcher

DIY picture frame ornament

My friend hosts a ladies craft night once a month and at our last meet-up we all made these adorable picture frame ornaments out of a soda can… I have since gifted these to some of my friends and they have been a big hit.
Check out the step by step instructions below to make yourself one!

Grab any ol’ empty soda can and rinse it out…
carefully cut off top
cut slits down the can leaving quarter inch strips
spread quarter inch strips out (again be careful! edges are sharp!)
bend each strip over the two (or three) strips to the right…
continue folding strips over…
until you have folded over all the strips.
tuck the last strip into one of the folded flaps.
pick a photo and cut it to size
put a bit of scotch tape on the back side and voila! a cute picture frame!