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knock on wood

brooklyn designer pat kim knocks it out of the park with these knock knock! rings – made from pure walnut wood and complete with a miniature brass knocker.
because let’s be honest, superstitious inclinations come out of nowhere – regardless of your surroundings… $75

erica weiner jewelry part deux

This is my second post about jewelry designer Erica Weiner, a local nyc designer (see original post here). Much of Erica’s inspiration comes from her travels. While adventuring she gathered a collection of curiosities and used them to develop a line of jewelry with an emphasis on craftsmanship and affordability. Today she is servicing the never-ending demand for locally made, affordable vintage-inspired jewelry, designed with a sense of humor. See below for more information about the two pieces posted above…

Perfume Locket Necklace
Vinaigrettes are perforated lockets with aromatic smelling salts or vinegar inside. A lady could sniff these to mask the unpleasant aromas of 18th-19th century cities. Possibly the oldest and most common type of vinaigrette involves a square of linen soaked in an aromatic liquid.

Terrarium Necklace
These vintage watchmakers’ vials are carefully planted with a tiny living specimen of moss. The charcoal at the base of the plant keeps the little ecosystem healthy. Open the vial and place a drop of water inside every 2-3 weeks, air it out occasionally, and store in indirect sunlight.

marc bernstein

Without a doubt my next purchase will be a triple wrap bracelet by Marc Bernstein. These truly unique pieces combine the most supple and luxurious leathers with distinctive, unique hardware. The craftsmanship is stunning. Truly one of a kind.

New Yorkers – check out Marc Bernstein at the Designers Market in Soho.

charming and wooden

delightful wooden necklaces made by hand. marta of etsy store emedemarta hails from barcelona. these pieces are the most perfect accessory for a casual day about town (or big city…).

Graduation Gifts

flo for flourescent pearl scatter necklace by kate spade

Canon G11

dom perignon from my uncle and his wife

flowers from my lovely sister…

Here are two pics of the delicious spread of food served before the party started:

photos by fellow graduate lauren darling

Thanks to all my friends and family who came by to par-tay!

working necklaces

I am absolutely obsessed with these pendent necklaces sold by Etsy seller Brash Lady Inc. The magnifying glass, compass, hour glass necklace, and spy telescope (that opens and closes!!) are all such awesome pieces – and they work! My favorite is the spy telescope. I like it so much I think I am going to order it!

chain game

I am loving this j crew necklace for its use of geometric shapes and layering of mixed metals. It’s like 3 necklaces in one – which makes me less upset about price tag… It’s the perfect piece to bring a touch of edge to any outfit.